Tuesday, 23rd March 2021

We know how much we’ve all missed being with like minded folk, learning new skills and letting our imaginations loose. We also know from experience how hard it can be to relax and let the imagination take flight when you’re stressed or anxious.

As you know, we didn’t open last year. We felt the general levels of anxiety were just too great, the safety measures too new and inhibiting. We said at the time that we didn’t want social distancing at ArtisOn, instead, we wanted to provide a CREATIVE SPACE…a space where the creative juices could flow freely and safely.

Now, we’re in a position where government guidelines have been relaxed across the board.  However, we feel that this autumn, and perhaps beyond, a day at ArtisOn in the company of people you may not know, still needs to be as safe as it can be. Let’s face it, following a few Covid restrictions for a few hours is no hardship compared to the experience of so many over the past year.

We’ve invested significantly in sensible measures aimed at helping people relax and feel secure. We want ArtisOn to feel like the safest space you can occupy, the happiest place you can be – with other people, doing what you love and feeling inspired.

So here’s what we have in place to make a a safe creative space:

Twice weekly Covid testing for ArtisOn staff.

We still have reduced capacity on workshops to enable greater space and ability to maintain a safe distance.

Our new external walkway provides access to all areas of the building from outside, all on one level.  This means internal traffic is generally reduced and accessibility is also improved.

The new ventilation system keeps the air fresh.  The ceiling mounted vents in all rooms constantly extract stale air and pump in fresh air from outside.  This reduces the highest risk of transmission, the airborne droplets that stay in the air when we talk or cough.  The ArtisOn air will be changed several times an hour, even without the windows open.

New tables, eliminating the need to share a table and increasing your personal create space!

Perspex workspace dividers – these are clear protective barriers around your creative space.   It sounds grim but it really is hardly noticeable – they don’t impact on the social vibe either.

Projectors and large screens in both rooms – now there’s no need to huddle to see tutor demos – just sit back and watch things unfold.

Sanitiser stations throughout the building and wipes available for use on surfaces and shared equipment.

New arrangements at breaks – drinks and cakes served by cheerful, can’t-do-enough-for-you- staff rather than self service.  Feel free to bring your own mug if you prefer.  Chill out and chat inside or outside on the new walkway / balcony with your cuppa and cake.

Lunch arrangements – no crowd around the buffet!  We’ll serve lunch from the hatch but rest assured, there will be no reduction in our quantities!  Depending on numbers we may need to eat in two sittings. In this case, our new puds takaway boxes mean you can grab your box and a cuppa then relax outside in the sunshine or back in the studio to enjoy your preselected assiette of desserts, so the next sitting can move in.

Masks are not required when working but are encouraged when moving around the building.  This is especially the case when you move around the room to look at other people’s work – it is easy to unwittingly invade someone’s space.


Our  main aim is to implement these  measures in a way that makes folk feel comfortable, not awkward; relaxed and not inhibited; and for the creative juices to have a chance to really flow and not stagnate!  You can be sure it’ll be as good as we can make it, while doing what we can to protect both you, and our small staff from the risk of Covid and Flu this autumn. 

Many thanks for working with us.

Gaynor, Sue & Vanessa

August 2021

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