The Team

Sue & Gaynor
It took a team of four to get ArtisOn off the ground – Ian Scott Massie (Scott), Josie Beszant, Sue Palin and Gaynor Pearson. Like most new enterprises, getting established required much more time and commitment than we’d all imagined! At the end of the year 1, Scott and Josie decided to step away from the business to allow them to concentrate on their own work as practising artists and, for Josie, the running of Masham Gallery. They still teach extensively of course, but the running of ArtisOn is now down to Sue and Gaynor who gladly swapped their successful IT and business skills training company for life at ArtisOn. Instead of “outcomes”, “impact” and “return on investment” they are delighted to be focused on skills for pleasure!

Sue is mainly responsible for putting together the full workshop programme each year. She keeps the whole enterprise on track business-wise and also provides some cheffing – Sunday lunches are down to Sue! Gaynor looks after the website, flickr photos and general admin – most general correspondence around bookings will be from Gaynor. On a typical ArtisOn day, you’ll certainly be greeted by one or both of them and they will be on hand to deal with any queries.

Beavering away in the ArtisOn kitchen you will find Vanessa – a whizz with wonderful flavours, she never stints on the quality of her homemade lunches – in fact many put ArtisOn’s success entirely down to her…you’ve only got to check out some of the testimonials to know the truth! In an exciting new enterprise, Vanessa is making her legendary lunches available to take home as gorgeous homemake ready meals. If you are interested, view info here.

Both Sue and Gaynor now also balance the demands of running ArtisOn with other interests. For the past 3 years Sue has volunteered one day a week as an advisor for the Citizens Advice Bureau. She is currently working 3 days a week on a short-term project providing access to advice in rural and more remote parts of the district. Gaynor is also a stone carver, accepting lettering and sculptural commissions as well as teaching stone carving at ArtisOn. She first began carving 15 years ago attending a weeks course on the Isle of Portland, she got the bug and has been working towards having more time to carve ever since. She now uses the periods of ArtisOn down time to concentrate on her own work.