Welcome to Masham

When Turner travelled from Richmond to Fountains Abbey on a painting expedition, he came down the hill past ArtisOn into Masham and paused to sketch the striking view, with Masham church shown in the middle distance beyond Masham bridge. The sketch now resides in the Tate Gallery archives – information here. Turner found Masham inspiring and irresistible. As you can see from his painting oppsite, so does Masham artist and ArtisOn tutor, Ian Scott Massie…we hope you will too!

Masham is a special place – unusually, the town centre has no through traffic so the market place retains an air of serenity, only disturbed by the occasional Sheep Fair or gathering of traction engines. With four galleries, an award winning restaurant, a luxury hotel and spa, four pubs and two world famous breweries in town, you won’t be short of inspiration here! It is a great place to stay for a short break with some lovely walks on the doorstep and all that the Dales has to offer within easy reach. For listings of attractions, what’s on, accommodation, places to eat, great walks and more about Masham, why not have a look at the Visit Masham website or drop in to see the lovely people at Masham Community Office.

Go to the Visit Masham website Masham Spring by Ian Scott Massie

Our Studios

Our studios are just over a mile outside Masham on the road to Richmond.  At one time our building would have been an open fronted barn and our parkiing areas, a covered fold yard as part of a working farm.  When we took up residence, the barn had already been converted into a number of offices.  We carried out extensive alterations to convert what was a run of five small offices with a connecting corridor and no running water, into 2 beautiful multifunctional studios with sinks, light from two sides and a cafe area with a fully equipped kitchen.

The communal cafe area is used for breaks and our legendary sit-down lunch.  We wanted to create a warm, welcoming, fun and inspirational environment where everyone could feel relaxed and chat with like minded folk.  Vanessa sorts lunch and refreshments from her tardis-like kitchen and it’s amazing what she conjures up from such a small space!

We have two studios, both equipped with sinks, plenty of space, work surface and natural light from two directions.  As soon as you walk in you’ll recall the whiff of the school art room but both studios are multi-functional – transformations occur from day to day, from art studio to textile workshop, from wood working room to jewellery making studio or even kitchen.  There are so many ways to configure things and make our studio space work and best of all is … we clear up the mess!


We have ample free parking at ArtisOn but we like to ensure that our parking does not inconvenience our neighbours.  So, please ensure you turn in through the gate into the courtyard to park.  Please do not park on the road in front of the vet’s except on Sundays when there’s no surgery and are free to use the vets parking.

On busy days, order to make best use of the parking space, there will be someone to greet you and help you get parked up.  If necessary, we can overflow a small number of cars into the farmyard next door – parking against the stone barn on the left of the entrance, well away from any manoeuvring farm vehicles.  Please do let us know if you have to be away promptly and we’ll make ensure you are parked for a quick getaway.

If you have any mobility issues, let us know and we’ll be happy to hold a space near the ramped entrance, avoiding the steps and making access as easy as possible.