Keith Mott

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Keith is a man with tools – lots of tools, all beautifully fettled and sharpened! They are pretty important to him.  For his day job, he’s a craftsman in wood – lovely wooden buildings, shelters, sheds, quirky retreats and gorgeous conservatories.  His extra curricular interests take him into all sorts of creations in wood, metal, copper, willow – you name it.  He is a creator of follies with an interest in the fabulously foolish – all things weird, wonderful and ultimately without utility.  From designing Masham Arts Festival’s “Independent Republic of Folly” which included the Yuri Gegarin Memorial Cafe, to restoring Hackfall Pond’s spring fed fountain and designing uncounted examples of pyroartistry, Keith’s world is rich with folly and ArtisOn is delighted to be part of it!

“Keith is marvellous - very knowledgeable and manages to make the subject quite fascinating!”

– Jane
Sharpening Skills - Household, Craft & DIY Tools