Jaki Bogg

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Jaki is an artist and teacher of art, design, fashion and textiles. When working with fabrics she is primarily a hand stitcher, enjoying the slow rhythmic movement of needle and thread, combining printed and dyed fabrics, building up layers of colour and stitch. Not happy to leave the fabrics as they are, she aims to transcend the experiment and make objects! The making of these objects creates a space for re-interpretation, a meditation of drawing and stitch, of mistakes, absence, re-making and time. Wear and tear are all part of life: mending tells a story of care and re-evaluation. Jaki’s main inspiration is the passing of time. She endeavours to stitch, dye and draw; mortality, absence and the celebration of the everyday wear and tear of life, into her work.

Jaki’s Courses

Textile Taxidermy - Textile Animal Heads

Thu, 6 Dec 2018

10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Hand stitch and stuff your own unique "trophy" head in textiles. Typically, you can create a festive Scandi-style Rudolf complete with antlers, or go off-piste and stitch up your favourite animal - hares,...


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