The opportunity to share the experience with other like minded people. Excellent course with lots of preparation from the tutor, excellent meal and very warm welcome. Wish I’d found the place years ago. Will certainly come again.

Louise was amazing. She is a natural teacher and so passionate about her craft!

Excellent tutor. I struggled with the rolling due to a back problem and tutor happily helped me.

Friendly, clear advice at every stage. Just thanks for a great day with a great tutor as always.

Carole Rennison

Based in the Yorkshire Dales, Carole draws inspiration from her beautiful, peaceful, rural surroundings, finding it a wonderful place to create and contemplate.

Hooking, using carpet wool, first caught her attention at a local craft show way back in 1993. She was captivated and immediately wanted to ‘have a go’.  She loves the art of hooking , finding it very rhythmic , therapeutic and addictive.  She now runs her business, Hooked By Design and creates hooking designs and kits for a wide range of cushions, pictures and bags.

Carole also has a published book in print on Yarn and Rug Hooking.

You do such a grand job – perfect location and set up, always welcoming, inspiring tutors and great food such a great day out thank you Gaynor, Sue and Vanessa

Agnis Smallwood

Agnis Smallwood is passionate about textiles.  She specialises in weaving and spinning.  Based in Yorkshire, she produces her own hand woven designs and products from her studio in Leeds. She also spends much of her time facilitating opportunities for people to explore traditional textile processes for themselves.

Agnis graduated from Cumbria Institute of the Arts in 2009 in BA (Hons) Contemporary Applied Arts. She later studied part time for her MA in Artist Teachers and Contemporary Practices at Goldmsmiths, University of London graduating in 2017.

Valerie Wartelle

Valérie is a Fibre artist from West Yorkshire, who uses wet felting as her primary technique to create unique and contemplative wall-hung artworks.
Valérie’s main fascination lies within the manipulation of fibres and textiles as an expressive art form. Taking the rural environment as her inspiration, she explores long-term interests of texture, colour, layering and process to create contemporary and ethereal artworks. These are highly textured felt pieces in which cloth is embedded and threads unravelled as a painter with its brush.
Brought up in France and French Polynesia, Valérie originally came to the UK to study textile design. After a period working in the textile industry and in local government, she is now a practicing artist working and living in West Yorkshire. In 2015, she was awarded the Embroidery Magazine’s Best Emerging Textile Artist at SIT Select Showcase, as well as Best Picture in Show at the Great North Art Show in Ripon.

Annis McGowan

Needle felting, for Annis began as a hobby. She gained a passion for designing and felting wildlife, another of her loves, and it is now become a small business and is how she makes her living. Annis lives in a beautiful part of the country – The Lake District with it’s famous Herdwick sheep, lakes and fells are a great inspiration. She created the design for her first Herdwick sheep doorstops in 2013 and exhibited them in a local gallery along with other Herdwick sculptures. They have now become a favourite causing such interest she decided to share her skills and techniques and teach other people her method to create them.

Annis loves sharing her skills and ideas and her work can be seen in galleries around the Lake District and further afield.

Liz Emery

Liz has a degree in Textiles from the University of Leeds. Now a practising artist specialising in pictures made by felting fibres together. She uses the wet felting method to produce pictures that have the feel of a painting whilst retaining the textural qualities of fibres. Liz now works from her studio in Nottingham.