Mike Craig

Mike works in green unseasoned wood and believes that The experience of creating or using handcrafted wooden items enriches our lives. He is an experienced teacher with great enthusiasm for his craft – the time honoured processes and skills involved; and he’s keen to share them.

Bob Neill

Bob Neill has been at the forefront of the pyrographic revival since the late 1970’s. Pyrography is a traditional craft practiced for many years in South America, Africa, Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe.

Following a lifetime in teaching and art and craft, Bob now works from his workshop in Aston on Trent and teaches all over the country. Bob studied at Bangor, Cardiff College of Art, Birmingham University and Trent University – Nottingham. He taught art at secondary level in Derbyshire and London for over 20 years and was one of the leaders in developing ‘basic design ideas’ in art education in the early 60’s.

During the 60’s and 70’s Bob exhibited large abstract paintings, mosaics and metal constructions in many top galleries across the country. His experience of using wood, metal and plastics took him into another area in the seventies – designing and making toys for disabled children.

In 1975 he was awarded a Winston Churchill Travelling Scholarship in order to exchange ideas with toy designers in the USA and Canada.

Bobs decorated turned work developed through his many contacts on the ‘craft fair’ circuit during the early 80’s and his teaching at craft supplies. In 2003 he was awarded a Shackleton Trust Scholarship – teaching pyrography in the Falkland Islands.

You do such a grand job – perfect location and set up, always welcoming, inspiring tutors and great food such a great day out thank you Gaynor, Sue and Vanessa

Keith is marvellous – very knowledgeable and manages to make the subject quite fascinating!

Keith Mott

Keith is a man with tools – lots of tools, all beautifully fettled and sharpened! They are pretty important to him.  For his day job, he’s a craftsman in wood – lovely wooden buildings, shelters, sheds, quirky retreats and gorgeous conservatories.  His extra curricular interests take him into all sorts of creations in wood, metal, copper, willow – you name it.  He is a creator of follies with an interest in the fabulously foolish – all things weird, wonderful and ultimately without utility.  From designing Masham Arts Festival’s “Independent Republic of Folly” which included the Yuri Gegarin Memorial Cafe, to restoring Hackfall Pond’s spring fed fountain and designing uncounted examples of pyroartistry, Keith’s world is rich with folly and ArtisOn is delighted to be part of it!

Gaynor Pearson

Gaynor first began to work in stone as a hobby over 20 years ago while running an IT learning and development business.  Her first experience of chisel on stone was in Portland on holiday where she was captivated by the ancient process of hand carving stone.  She spent the next 10 years carving for pleasure and craving a life with time to develop her skills.  In 2010 she made the leap, balancing stone carving with starting a new creative business – ArtisOn, which is now well established and she is able to concentrate more on her carving. She enjoys the energy and precision needed for the steady development of a piece of work in stone.  Preferring to work mainly in local Yorkshire sandstones and limestones, she loves the process of revelation – taking material away to expose something new.  The transformation of apparently shapeless and unyielding materials into expressive forms that convey and elicit an emotional response is addictive and magical.

Hugh Leishman

Hugh Leishman, lives in West Yorkshire and works as a self-employed craftsman in his small woodturning and carving workshop. He makes bowls, dishes, chopping boards, bakers peels, spoons and other wooden objects that are designed to be used. Working mainly in British hardwoods and finishing his work with “food-safe” oils. He has been a maker for over 30 years. Hugh aims to make beautiful, simple, pure, objects that will enrich everyday life and be accessible to everyone. This is very hard and takes a very long time – very occasionally, he catches a glimpse of what he’s aiming for!

Tutor had lots of knowledge and was great fun.

Loved absolutely everything, learnt loads and had fun. Thank you.

It was a very relaxing yet energetic day – just what I needed!