It was fab. I really enjoyed the workshops and the hospitality is great!

Hannah Turlington

Hannah is a lino artist and designer who lives in North Yorkshire. She takes inspiration from the beauty of the North Yorkshire countryside, people, places, history, and humour of Yorkshire, she creates art that is fun, playful and a vision to behold. Hannah describes her work as telling a story. All her work has a botanical element in it, as flowers evoke strong memories and have stories attached to them that are part of everyone’s lives. She collects objects that represent her story and then creates a composition, usually in flat lay, as that is the way she likes to work. She then photographs it, illustrates it before tracing and transferring it to the block to be carved.

This story telling is also mirrored in both her original lino prints and her surface pattern designs on fabric, which she uses to create beautiful skirts, lampshades and cushions.

Hannah has taught extensively and teaches a range of different printing workshops.

Kirstie Williams

Kirstie Williams is a practising artist, printmaker and creative workshop tutor based in West Yorkshire. She primarily works with screen printing, cyanotypes and linocut for both textiles and paper printing. She creates products such as fine art prints, handmade books, cards, tea towels, pouches and wall hangings. Kirstie discovered a love for cyanotypes in her garden during lockdown in 2020, without access to her usual community print studios she was looking for ways to create from home and use elements from nature to develop some new ideas. She currently works from her studio at The Art House in Wakefield and enjoys spending time experimenting using a variety of techniques.


Kirstie is also a founder of Leeds Print Workshop, a cooperative printmaking studio located in the centre of Leeds. Established in 2016, LPW aims to offer affordable printmaking facilities to people in Leeds and surrounding areas and also to bring new people to the medium through a range of creative workshops and courses. Kirstie also works as the Maker Spaces Manager at The Art House in Wakefield where she oversees the memberships and public courses for the Darkroom, Printmaking and Ceramics community studios.


Kirstie has a wealth of experience in teaching, having previously worked as a Print Technician at Leeds College of Art and a Lecturer in Art & Design at Shipley College.

Monica Gabb

Monica Gabb is the designer and creator of Twenty Birds. She is a Designer and loves exploring image and print. She Grew up in the south and gained her Masters Degree in Sequential Design and Illustration at the University of Brighton in 2006 and then moved to North Yorkshire.

Twenty Birds originated from Monica’s fascination of the wide variety of pattern and colour within varying birds. She is drawn to collections and displaying the differences and similarities within a group; finding order in layout, correlation in shape and contrast in scaling and pattern.

When she began designing these triangular birds she noticed repetition in colour and marks and wanted to find out if she could overlap them between birds. Monica constructed a template to fit 20 birds of varying size and rotation. She spent time working on the best combinations and amount of abstractions sticking to straight lines only. She wanted to stay true to original colour ways yet reduce the amount of tone variation.

Monica designs all of her products and has been sure to find UK based printers and producers for her cards, mugs, tea towels and fabric. Monica prints and produces all of her original screen prints are had finishes the cut-out cards. All of the Hanging decorations are entirely made by Monica one the fabric has been digitally printed in the UK.

Jane Duke

Jane Duke is a printmaker and painter (but these days mostly a printmaker) based in York.

Originally a watercolour and portrait painter, a chance conversation with a collagraph printmaker introduced Jane to the world of printmaking and a new direction. She now uses a range of relief and intaglio methods, including collagraph, linocut, woodblock and drypoint etching. Her subject matter is often places, wildlife, glimpses and experiences from her daily life in Yorkshire.

Jane is also one of the organisers of the annual York Open Studios event and a founder member of York Printmakers.

You do such a grand job – perfect location and set up, always welcoming, inspiring tutors and great food such a great day out thank you Gaynor, Sue and Vanessa

Sam Groom

Sam is a Sheffield based printmaker specialising in wood and lino-cut printing onto paper, cardboard and fabric although she really enjoy all forms of printmaking, particularly when they don’t involve too much technical equipment! She recently took the leap and became a full-time printmaker after over twelve years teaching art and textiles in secondary school.  She works from her home studio, using her treasured ‘Rollaco’ press.  Sam takes her ideas ideas from the everyday things around as well as the songs and stories she shares with her 6 year old daughter.  When not printing, she is to be found hard at work on her allotment.

Tutor made for a lovely day and was very helpful and friendly. I loved learning a new skill as well as the waffle berry pie!

Everything was clearly explained and Hester provided help whenever needed…Excellent.  Fantastic food, nice location and venue.

Tutor was lovely, patient and encouraging.  I had a relaxed and fun day with great food and friendly people.