A really good day. Excellent tutor who gave clear demonstrations and supportive help. Use of webcam was also very helpful. I came away feeling that I had learnt some basic techniques – and with 4 completed sample notebooks. A lovely lunch was an extra treat! I am looking forward to coming back again in the Autumn.

Anna Cook

Anna is a self taught paper cutter living and working in York. She began paper cutting more than six years ago as a hobby and quickly found a real passion for the craft, obsessing over the finer detail and exploring the versatility of paper. Anna uses a variety of tools to sculpt and emboss the paper, bringing a lifelike quality to her work. She has a background in Design and Printmaking and has worked in the gallery and framing industry. Her inspiration comes from an obsession with old botanical drawings and the beauty of the natural world. Her amazing pieces feature woodland animals and birds, capturing their personalities in a natural habitat in a most remarkable way.

Gilly Knowles

When Gilly returned to her Wensleydale roots after 20 years working in the NHS, she was able to have the time to develop her childhood love of all things crafty. Over the years she has been a regular face at ArtisOn and though she is highly skilled in many crafts, she has developed a passion for paper. Paper based crafts mean the materials are easily sourced, incredibly varied and so versatile.

Gilly’s favourite thing is to mix skills and materials to produce unique projects. She enjoys teaching groups locally in Wensleydale and passing on her passion for many types of crafting. Now Gilly is an ArtisOn regular as a tutor as well as a participant!

Niki Hampson

Niki is a papermaking artist who set up her business Pulpitations 11 years ago in a workshop in Dalby Forest. She now has a garden studio in Thorpe Willoughby near Selby where she makes handmade papers for her unique pictures, miniature boxes, books and other products along with papermaking kits.

She is inspired by trees and plant material always searching underfoot, in hedgerows, woodland or on beaches for interesting finds. In her studio she has drawers and boxes filled with treasures! She is also passionate about recycling and reusing everyday materials.

Niki originally trained in textiles specialising in miniature hand embroidery and her current work has returned to that scale, focusing on intricate details of nature. She is fascinated by the play of different light sources which highlight features through fine or textured handmade paper. She enjoys experimenting with surface pattern using plant and recycled paper pulps using her experience with techniques to teach and inspire others.

You do such a grand job – perfect location and set up, always welcoming, inspiring tutors and great food such a great day out thank you Gaynor, Sue and Vanessa

Joanna Coupland

Joanna produces sculptures – a range of quirky creatures from her home workshop in York. She takes her inspiration from nature, in particular birds and animals, working with wire and paper to create unique, delicate pieces intended to make you smile. Inspired by taxidermy, Joanna has developed her own range of animal heads including stags, zebras, foxes and hares and has even completed commissions of client’s pets, from dogs and horses to fish.

She is particularly well known for her unusual lighting range. These include birdies, fish, fruit and vegetables, spiral pods. Joanna’s work has been featured in Good Housekeeping, Your Home, the Yorkshire Post Magazine and a number of other local and national publications.

Sarah Hall Baqai

Sarah started working with willow having been inspired by the magic of lantern festivals. Light is incorporated into sculptural forms which she combines with her skills in papier mache and collage in different themes.


Sarah works from her studio in York producing 2D and 3D works in papier mache, collage, cut-outs and painted forms inspired by subjects and characters from folk art and folk tales, world travel and the peculiarities of everyday life, observations and nature.

Enjoy my day at Artison – Relaxing / Retreat / Sense of Achievement / Escape / Rejuvenating

I enjoyed being part of a small group and the relaxed atmosphere and was amazed how much I was able to complete in a day.

The gradual building of ‘skills’ gave me a different perspective – not just paper but a potential picture