Caroline Brogden

Caroline Brogden is a jeweller who takes an experimental approach to her work using both precious metals and waste resin leftover from custom Surfboard manufacture. This waste material is known as Surfite and comes as slabs of bright colours which she then carves by hand. Her Surfite work is now her main body of work as she seeks to explore further ways to carve and use the material to create unique one-off pieces.

Caroline started her journey as jeweller creating simple hollow-formed pieces using different fold-forming techniques. It is a technique that she is still very passionate about today and loves passing these skills on. Using basic tools; wonderfully intricate pieces of work can be created which often mimic forms found in nature.

Charlotte Tollyfield

Charlotte is a Sheffield based silversmith, recently commissioned to produce the 12th edition of the William Hill St. Leger Stakes Trophy for Doncaster Racecourse in 2018. Her work includes silver and copperwork.

Her fascination with geometric shapes and symmetry has been evident throughout her creative career. Drawn by silver’s ability to be manipulated to create soft curves and acute angles; Charlotte’s focus lies with the composition and structure of shape and form, whilst preserving a strong sense of function and purpose. Employing a wide range of techniques in the creation of her work, Charlotte prefers to adapt to the design instead of designing around a specific technique.

Charlotte’s own Christmas decorations play with the perfect symmetry of snowflakes whilst depicting the Twelve Days of Christmas, putting a unique twist on this classic fairy tale. Each decoration depicts one of the twelve gifts, becoming a little work of art in its own right, but only when the whole set is brought together is the full story told.

You do such a grand job – perfect location and set up, always welcoming, inspiring tutors and great food such a great day out thank you Gaynor, Sue and Vanessa

Helaina Sharpley

Helaina has been working with wire for the past 15 years, creating intricate and delicate 3D drawings. With subjects including architecture, clocks and tea cups. She is experienced in running workshops for children and adults, always specialising in wire-working techniques.

Helaina started her journey studying a BA in Design Crafts at Hereford College of Art and Design. Tea became an obsession there and she particularly loved the elegance of Edwardian Architecture. It was here, where her love of tea and the Edwardian way of life connected, this became the main feature in her work.

Helaina creates 2d and 3d wirework pieces for galleries, shops and personal commission, in the UK and internationally

Ella McIntosh

Ella is a traditionally trained Silversmith, studying at Buckinghamshire University, and describes being introduced to Pewter during her second year, as love at first hammer. The love affair has continued for the past 5 years as she now enjoys hammering, soldering and bashing in her studio at Manchester Craft and Design Centre. Using techniques which have been passed down through generations of makers, Ella loves the sense of history, of connection with previous makers of years ago. This mix of ‘old’ combined with stripped back, embellishment-free contemporary design is what excites her.

Tutors were superb, the day was well structured enabling me to make two metal flowers in comfortable time.

There was a good relaxed atmosphere and good humour in the group.  We had a lots of laughs whilst bashing metal and lunch was yum!

Michelle the tutor was welcoming, friendly and open to further explanation.  I loved the conviviality and my lunch was prepared and I didn’t have to bring a pack up!

Loved the chance to do something completely different, be creative and relax.

Loved learning new jewellery making techniques and sharing ideas with other people, lovely food too!