Ness Burrows

Although from Brighton, Ness fell in love with North Yorkshire and its people, and decided to settle here. Ness was inspired by Macrame from the moment she saw it at wood turning market in Horsham. The knotting techniques and the process ad tactile nature of the cords cast their spell but Ness know she wanted to exclusively use recycled materials.

“It was like a lightening bolt to my heart, I knew that I wanted to make beautiful things using knots. My large pieces have all been inspired by moments in my life, my childhood walking barefoot in fields of clover, reading a certain book with the images and colours put onto a wall hanging, creating on a full moon can be so powerful, the feeling I get when I am knotting is meditation, my mind shuts out the noisy traffic and I feel a sense of calm, warmth, being in the now. It is an amazing way to de-stress and breath. This is why I wanted to teach macrame to others, to pass on that inspiration, that feeling I had when I first discovered the art of knotting.”

Hannah Turlington

Hannah is a lino artist and designer who lives in North Yorkshire. She takes inspiration from the beauty of the North Yorkshire countryside, people, places, history, and humour of Yorkshire, she creates art that is fun, playful and a vision to behold. Hannah describes her work as telling a story. All her work has a botanical element in it, as flowers evoke strong memories and have stories attached to them that are part of everyone’s lives. She collects objects that represent her story and then creates a composition, usually in flat lay, as that is the way she likes to work. She then photographs it, illustrates it before tracing and transferring it to the block to be carved.

This story telling is also mirrored in both her original lino prints and her surface pattern designs on fabric, which she uses to create beautiful skirts, lampshades and cushions.

Hannah has taught extensively and teaches a range of different printing workshops.

Monica Gabb

Monica Gabb is the designer and creator of Twenty Birds. She is a Designer and loves exploring image and print. She Grew up in the south and gained her Masters Degree in Sequential Design and Illustration at the University of Brighton in 2006 and then moved to North Yorkshire.

Twenty Birds originated from Monica’s fascination of the wide variety of pattern and colour within varying birds. She is drawn to collections and displaying the differences and similarities within a group; finding order in layout, correlation in shape and contrast in scaling and pattern.

When she began designing these triangular birds she noticed repetition in colour and marks and wanted to find out if she could overlap them between birds. Monica constructed a template to fit 20 birds of varying size and rotation. She spent time working on the best combinations and amount of abstractions sticking to straight lines only. She wanted to stay true to original colour ways yet reduce the amount of tone variation.

Monica designs all of her products and has been sure to find UK based printers and producers for her cards, mugs, tea towels and fabric. Monica prints and produces all of her original screen prints are had finishes the cut-out cards. All of the Hanging decorations are entirely made by Monica one the fabric has been digitally printed in the UK.

Carole Rennison

Based in the Yorkshire Dales, Carole draws inspiration from her beautiful, peaceful, rural surroundings, finding it a wonderful place to create and contemplate.

Hooking, using carpet wool, first caught her attention at a local craft show way back in 1993. She was captivated and immediately wanted to ‘have a go’.  She loves the art of hooking , finding it very rhythmic , therapeutic and addictive.  She now runs her business, Hooked By Design and creates hooking designs and kits for a wide range of cushions, pictures and bags.

Carole also has a published book in print on Yarn and Rug Hooking.

Tara Joy

Tara is an artist who lives and works in Ilkley casting flowers and foliage from the countryside.  She takes inspiration from the beautiful Yorkshire Moorland and its stunning surroundings.

She captures nature and all its detail in silver art clay creating nature inspired pieces of jewellery. Tara has also been making personalised handprint and fingerprint jewellery since 2010.

Gillian Arnold

Gillian is a passionate artist with a keen eye for botanical design. She established her own design business, based in Darlington. Her unique designs are inspired English and tropical wild plants. Her own designs use bold colour and patterns to create inventive luxury products for the home – fabric, cushions, lampshades, jewellery and gifts.

She is keen to share her experience of fabric design and printing techniques through her workshops.

You do such a grand job – perfect location and set up, always welcoming, inspiring tutors and great food such a great day out thank you Gaynor, Sue and Vanessa

A big ‘Thank You!’ for the fabulous lampshade making workshop on Friday night. I had a great time and felt very well looked after. Your warm welcome, cakes and cups of tea were much appreciated, especially as I had travelled from York to join you. Georgia was a fabulous teacher – showing us how to make the lampshade step by step, providing very clear written as well as verbal instructions and giving us with support as we needed it. All the resources were readily available and Georgia’s amazing fabrics are beautiful. I really enjoyed the whole experience and feel very proud of, and delighted with, the lampshade that I made, especially as a ‘creative novice’. I posted a picture of the finished lampshade on my own Facebook page and have had a record 77 ‘likes’/’loves’/’wows’ from my friends already!

Joanna Coupland

Joanna produces sculptures – a range of quirky creatures from her home workshop in York. She takes her inspiration from nature, in particular birds and animals, working with wire and paper to create unique, delicate pieces intended to make you smile. Inspired by taxidermy, Joanna has developed her own range of animal heads including stags, zebras, foxes and hares and has even completed commissions of client’s pets, from dogs and horses to fish.

She is particularly well known for her unusual lighting range. These include birdies, fish, fruit and vegetables, spiral pods. Joanna’s work has been featured in Good Housekeeping, Your Home, the Yorkshire Post Magazine and a number of other local and national publications.

Just wanted to say what a great weekend it’s been – having fun back at Artison.
You should be really proud of what you’ve achieved there – it’s such an inspiring place which attracts both lovely teachers and interesting participants. The venue is perfect, catering superb (not good for the waistline!), it’s great to see photos and examples of previous courses to tempt us (successfully) to return! The website is brilliant, great design, images etc, always up to date – far better than any other equivalent I’ve seen. Can’t wait for my next visit!