Roger Grech

Roger Grech is a Bookbinder, Printmaker.

Roger also runs his own workshop, Papercut Bindery, where he binds bespoke journals, fine press editions and undertakes repair work on old well loved bindings. Roger also does edition Binding at Stephen Conway Bookbinders Ltd in Halifax.

You do such a grand job – perfect location and set up, always welcoming, inspiring tutors and great food such a great day out thank you Gaynor, Sue and Vanessa

Kate Bowles

Kate uses recycled fabrics and papers and assorted vintage haberdashery ephemera, to create hand-bound notebooks and journals, with a particular emphasis on revealing the sewn bindings on the spine of the book.

Her ideas and inspiration are dictated by the discarded or found materials that she uses. She has a love of vintage haberdashery items and papers … things that have little commercial value or status. Her aim is to create functional books around them, giving them a new use, value and status. Most importantly, she creates books that are to be filled by other people, so the creative process continues when they leave her “…that, for me, is probably the best bit”.

Exposing the stitching on the spine and making it loud and blousy is her nod to women of the binderies in the 1800s.