Susan Evans

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Susan’s main focus is decorated wood – whether it is a toy, tells a visual story, a sculpture, moves or doesn’t move. She uses wood to make interesting and quirky pieces which are mainly intended for adults, but it’s a bonus if children like them too. Susan trained as a teacher of History and her first appointment was in Grimsby on the East coast – the perfect place to collect driftwood from the beach and she was soon using it to make into personal gifts. Thus began her interest and passion for making “toys” out of wood and found pieces. Susan makes all her pieces interesting by including simple movement. The mechanisms are mainly cranks, cams and levers. She carves using air-dried lime and uses acrylic paint, washes and coloured inks to decorate and seals with a matt, water based varnish or wax polish. Susan is a member of the British Toymakers Guild.