Avoiding the Puddles

Sat 22 Feb 2020
Following the storm and flooding this month and the heavy rain overnight, here’s an update on the state of the roads immediately around us…

1. The Rive Ure has come over the top this morning. There’s lots of water and the standing water between Low Burton and the turning up to High Burton and ArtisOn at Masham bridge is deeper. Some cars passing despite the road closed sign and I wouldn’t! See directions below to avoid.

2. If you are local or a regular visitor, you may already have experienced the ArtisOn Pool! Run off water from the fields that pools over the road just before ArtisOn if coming from the Masham direction. It is usually passable (if the water hasn’t reached the driveway before the vet’s entrance) but this morning looks deep. Please avoid and take notice of the Road Cloaed sign! See below for diversion….

Our location map for reference can be viewed here

More info about the state of the roads in North Yorkshire can be found here.
But here’s how to dodge the puddles…

Coming towards Masham from Ripon / Thirsk / A1 on the A6108
If coming from Ripon, to avoid the water at Low Burton, you should divert up Station Bank (B6267 towards Thirsk A1) then turn left to Bedale (B6268). If coming from Thirsk / A1 take the Bedale turn (B6268) before dropping down Station Bank to Low Burton.
You would normally then be able to drop down to ArtisOn via the next left (Limekiln Lane). However, see the section below on the ArtisOn Pool!

Coming from Bedale on the B6268
Rather than coming all the way to the junction with the B6267 and dropping down Station Bank to Low Burton, aim to drop down to ArtisOn at the Limekiln Lane junction (see the note below on the ArtisOn Pool if you wish to avoid it.)

Coming from Leyburn on A6108
This should be unaffected by the standing water at Low Burton as you can turn left up to High Burton immediately after Masham Bridge without tangling with it. However, see the note below on the ArtisOn Pool.

The ArtisOn Pool
Coming from Richmond direction, there is no issue as the pool sits beyond ArtisOn. Coming from the Masham direction, the pool is directly before our premises. It is about 10cm deep unless you can see it has risen as far the driveway, in which case, definitely avoid.

To avoid it, from Masham direction take the right turn up Limekiln Lane. At the T junction with the B6268 at the top, you will see a more acute turn on the left heading down a narrow road. If you are turning down Limekiln Lane from the Bedale road (B6267), you will see this little road immediately as you turn on the right. Continue along this road to the T junction at the end. This is the ArtisOn road – turn left, ignoring the Road Closed sign if there is one, and continue for half a mile or so, ArtisOn will be on the right and the pool will be beyond. This is about a 5min diversion.

I hope this doesn’t leave you too confused, give us a call if you get lost and we’ll talk you in! It’ll all be worth it honest!!